Date Presenter Topic Link Presentation
Apr. 2th. 2019 Kim Jeong Chul SOCK : Rapid Task Provisioning with Serverless-Optimized Containers paper ppt
Feb. 14th. 2019 SSS Dynamic Control of CPU Usage in a Lambda Platform paper ppt
Jan. 30th. 2019 Jung AE μSuite: A Benchmark Suite for Microservices paper ppt
Jan. 30th. 2019 JS Matrix Computations and Optimization in Apache Spark paper ppt
Jan. 24th. 2019 MJ Exploring Serverless Computing for Neural Network Training paper ppt
Jan. 24th. 2019 JC Serverless Computing : One Step Forward, Two Steps Back paper ppt
Jan. 17th. 2019 HJ HoloClean: Holistic Data Repairs with Probabilistic Inference paper ppt
Jan. 17th. 2019 CW Machine Learning Winter School 2018 paper ppt
Dec. 12th. 2018 Kim Jeong Chul BIGDATA 2018 paper ppt
Oct. 9th. 2018 HJ A Comparative Study of Containers and Virtual Machines in Big Data Environment paper ppt
Oct. 2nd. 2018 SSS Toward Cost-effective Memory Scaling in Clouds: Symbiosis of Virtual and Physical Memory paper ppt
Sep. 18th. 2018 CW Performance Evaluation of a MongoDB and Hadoop Platform for Scientific Data Analysis paper ppt
Sep. 4th. 2018 Kim Jeong Chul Selecta: Heterogeneous Cloud Storage Configuration for Data Analytics paper ppt
Aug. 2nd. 2018 SSS Peeking Behind the Curtains of Serverless Platforms paper ppt
July 19th. 2018 MJ CLOUD2018 & Lessons from OSG School 2018 CLOUD2018 HTCondor ppt & hands-on
July 5th. 2018 Kim Jeong Chul Improving spark application throughput via memory aware task co-location: a mixture of experts approach paper ppt
June 28th. 2018 MJ Dione: Profiling spark applications exploiting graph similarity paper ppt
June 18th. 2018 SSS Tachyon: Reliable, Memory Speed Storage for Cluster Computing Frameworks paper ppt
Apr. 4th. 2018 MJ Packing light: Portable workload performance prediction for the cloud paper ppt
Mar. 28th. 2018 Kim Jeong Chul PerfOrator: eloquent performance models for Resource Optimization paper ppt
Mar. 21st. 2018 SSS Performance Characterization and Acceleration of In-Memory File Systems for Hadoop and Spark Applications on HPC Clusters paper ppt
Mar. 15th. 2018 MJ Design of Experiments link, paper ppt
Feb. 28th. 2018 Kim Jeong Chul WSDM CUP 2018 paper ppt
Feb. 21th. 2018 SSS SystemML’s Optimizer: Plan Generation for Large-Scale Machine Learning Programs paper ppt
Jan. 24th. 2018 MJ Distributed nonnegative matrix factorization for web-scale dyadic data analysis on mapreduce paper ppt
Jan. 17th. 2018 SSS Resource Elasticity for Large-Scale Machine Learning paper ppt
Dec. 27th. 2017 leeky Autonomic BigData Cloud Computing    
Oct. 30th. 2017 MJ Predicting cloud performance for HPC applications: a user-oriented approach paper ppt
Oct. 23th. 2017 Kim Jeong Chul boosting (ADAboosting and Gradient boosting) and random forest   ppt
Oct. 16th. 2017 SSS Ernest: Efficient Performance Prediction for Large-Scale Advanced Analytics paper  
Oct. 10th. 2017 Namhyun Random forest and decision tree coursera - week 3  
Sep. 19th. 2017 MJ OpenCL and its application (Lessons from the summer accelerator school)   ppt gitHub
Sep. 11th. 2017 Kim Jeong Chul Selecting the Best VM across Multiple Public Clouds: A Data-Driven Performance Modeling Approach paper ppt
Aug. 31st. 2017 SSS Distributed matrix computation on Spark paper ppt
Aug. 1st. 2017 MJ Exploiting Matrix Dependency for Efficient Distributed Matrix Computation paper  
July. 18th. 2017 Namhyun Matrix multiplication on Sparkk marlin and CARMA ppt
July. 13th. 2017 Sara Time series for spot instance price    
June. 12th. 2017 MJ CPU and GPU orchestration paper ppt
May. 29th. 2017 Kim Jeong Chul Containerization VS. Virtualization paper  
May. 22th. 2017 Namhyun Kim Using Spark on GPUs paper  
May. 15th. 2017 Sara C-Fuzzy Decision Tree paper ppt
May. 8th. 2017 MJ CherryPick paper ppt
May. 1st. 2017 Kim Jeong Chul TensorFlow hands-on session   ppt
Apr. 17th. 2017 Kyungyong Lee Autonomic BigData Cloud Computing a new project  
Apr. 3rd. 2017 Nam Hyun Kim NeuralNet textbook  
Mar. 27th. 2017 Kim Jeong Chul TensorFlow paper  
Mar. 20th. 2017 Kim Jeong Chul TensorFlow paper ppt
Mar. 13th. 2017 MJ using spot instances TR-Spark: Transient Computing for Big Data Analytics ppt
Mar. 6th. 2017 Sara ALKharif spot instance pricing Characterizing spot price dynamics in public cloud environments ppt
Feb. 22th. 2017 Kim Jeong Chul SparkNet paper, YahooHadoop-1, YahooHadoop-2, TensorFrame ppt
Feb. 15th. 2017 Son Sung Soo Docker Swarm or Kubernetes Swarm Kubernetes ppt
Feb. 8th. 2017 MJ Spot instance for deep learning(DeepSpotCloud) code paper
Feb. 1st. 2017 Sara ALKharif XGBoost paper site ppt
Jan. 25th. 2017 Kim Jeong Chul Virtualization or Containerization? Quora, stackoverflow, blog docs
Jan. 18th. 2017 Son Sung Soo YARN YARN docs
Jan. 11th. 2017 MJ GSDC Data computing school GSDC docs

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